Buyers Guide - Accessories

Gear Up: Gimbal Accessories

If our gimbals help you get the most out of your camera, then our accessories help you get the most out of your gimbal. Our most popular accessories for our gimbals are outlined below.

Essential Add-Ons

Made from super-strong 3K carbon fiber, our extension poles are designed to be sturdy yet light enough to pack and carry for shoots out in the wild. Our poles are built specifically for our gimbals and feature standard tripod threading, allowing you to link up multiple poles for the ultimate shot. Looks like you can finally leave your Hollywood crane at home.

Our gimbal tripod stands let you set up your gimbal and camera on almost any type of terrain, perfect for getting tricky or dangerous shots (monster truck rally racing, we’re looking at you). They’re also essential for capturing time lapse pans using our remote mobile app and the gimbal’s point to point motion timelapse function.

The only rule for shooting is to always carry spare batteries. Our high-quality OEM batteries are specifically designed for our gimbals, while our rechargers will get your empty batteries back in action in no time.