Buyers Guide - DSLR

Pro Style: Choosing a DSLR Gimbal

Today’s DSLR and mirrorless cameras not only let consumers capture pro-style video; they’re actually being used by the pros themselves for video shoots of every shape and size. And instead of strapping their DSLRs to bulky cranes or Steadicams, more and more are using gimbals to accomplish the same Hollywood-smooth shots at a fraction of the price and hassle.

Which DSLR gimbal is right for you?

We offer two versions of our DSLR gimbal, depending on the camera you use to shoot: The Rage is our largest gimbal, capable of handling a payload range of 350g to 1,800g. This gimbal has been used for commercial shoots, music videos, sporting events and concert footage. It is pro-tested, and most definitely pro-approved.

The Rage-S is just like the Rage, but with a smaller payload range of 125g to 650g, perfect for point & shoot cameras or compact mirrorless cameras running a small prime lens. You can also use the Rage-S for action cameras and smartphones, making this one of the most versatile gimbals we offer.

Look for camera control

With most DSLR gimbals making camera adjustments can be a huge hassle. Our DSLR gimbals are the only ones that let you control your Sony or Panasonic brand camera from the gimbal itself for a seamless shooting experience. You can start and stop recording, control shutter speed and use zoom right from the gimbal for single-handed operation in tight settings or on the move.

Get more with the EVO mobile app

Our powerful mobile app lets you shoot they way you want. Wirelessly operate your gimbal from a distance up to 75’ or quickly adjust your gimbal’s presets for shooting certain style shots. Adjust motor power for heavier cameras and save specific presets for your setup. Access the advance settings in the APP to enable functions like motion time-lapse which allow you to create amazing b-roll content.




Shooting style Hello, Mr. Spielberg Versatility city
Price $549 $399
Construction CNC aircraft-grade aluminum CNC aircraft-grade aluminum
Color Black Black
Battery life Up to 18 hours Up to 12 hours
Refresh rate 4Khz 4Khz
Camera payload 350g-1800g 125g-650g
Gimbal weight 950g -g
Pan axis range -360° to +360° -360° to +360°
Tilt axis range -360° to +360° -360° to +360°
Roll axis range -360° to +360° -360° to +360°
Ability to mount smartphone or
action cameras
Inverted shooting mode
Three optimized power settings
Camera control from gimbal
(CCI cable required)
Built-in camera charging
Tripod/extension pole compatible
Removable batteries
Battery charger included
Travel case included
Battery Li-Ion IMR 26500 Li-Ion IMR 26500
Warranty 1 Year US Warranty 1 Year US Warranty

Rage Compatible Cameras

  • Sony A7 Series (CCI Compatible*)
  • Panasonic Lumix Series (CCI Compatible*)
  • Panasonic GH4 / GH5 Series (CCI Compatible*)
  • Canon EOS Series (up to 80D)
  • Canon M Series
  • Nikon J Series

Notes apply to both the Rage and Rage-S:
*CCI Cables Sold Separately
**Separate Smartphone & Action Camera Mounts required

Rage-S Compatible Cameras

  • Sony A6000-6500
  • Sony RX, H & QX Series (CCI Compatible*)
  • Panasonic GH Series (CCI Compatible*)
  • Canon EOS Series
  • Nikon J Series
  • Nikon KeyMission 170*
  • Most Smartphones**, Action Cameras and Point
    & Shoot Cameras 125-650g