Warranty Information


Most EVO Gimbals brand products purchased from our website or from authorized dealers are backed with a 1 Year Limited Warranty. Non EVO Gimbals brand products from other manufacturers purchased on our website may include separate warranty coverage direct from the manufacturer. To determine warranty requirements for a specific item, please contact us or the manufacturer for assistance.

Warranty Information

EVO Gimbals Warranty

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The warranty period is (1) Year from the original date of purchase. During this warranty period, under normal use, EVO Gimbals will at its option, repair and/or replace parts determined to be defective.

Warranty does not cover:

1. Any unauthorized maintenance, misuse, collision, liquid infiltration (water damage, sweat perspiration, drinks etc...), or modifications.

2. Incorrect Use of Product: altering software, removing serial numbers/logos, using cameras and/or using batteries not approved by EVO Gimbals.

3. Damage due to fire, flood, acts of God, misuse and related damage.

4. Any prepaid freight for warranty service.

5. Products sold AS IS or consumables (such as fuses or batteries).


Please register your warranty so we can provide you with the latest firmware updates, user manuals and tutorial videos. 

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Warranty Service

If any product issues arise please visit our Help Center or contact your dealer first. Many gimbal performance problems can be solved with simple troubleshooting. 

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