Basic Info

+ What is EVO Gimbals?
+Where are EVO Gimbals made?

EVO Gimbals core components are manufactured and assembled in China. All of our products are built using ISO9001 standards to ensure quality and performance. Each and every one of our gimbals are then sent to our warehouse in Bend, Oregon for final testing and inspection. We back our products with a 1 Year US Parts and Labor Warranty.

+Can I get a free gimbal in exchange for a review?

Sorry, we can not give away free product for reviews. If you do review one of our products, we will certainly consider a performance based discount. For more information please email sales@evogimbals.com

+Do you have gimbals available to rent?

We do not currently have a rental program. We are however working on getting our products available to rent on from 3rd party rental companies.

+Do you offer an education discount?

Yes! We love to help support educational programs and schools. Please email us for a discount code or to send a purchase order.

+Do you have any European Dealers?

At this time we do not have resellers in Europe. If you would like a gimbal shipped internationally please contact us for a custom shipping quote.

+Where can I purchase EVO Gimbal products?

EVO Gimbals are available to purchase on our website, or at B&H Photo/Video and Amazon.

Common Product Questions

+What is the difference between the EVO GP and EVO GP-PRO Model?

In terms of stabilization performance and build quality both the GP and GP-PRO are on par with one another.

Here are some features the GP-Pro has that the GP does not:

  • 1. GP-Pro has a 1/4-20 threaded battery cap on the handle which allows you to mount the gimbal to an extension pole set, tripod or standard mono-pod. Power button is located on side of handle
  • 2. It has a 4-way thumbstick which allows more precise 'feathering' tilt control of the pitch, roll and pan axis. In the 'lock mode' you can manually control the left to right panning with the thumbstick - something you can't do with the GP as it has standard toggle buttons for tilt control.
  • 3. The GP-Pro also has an option to pass the A/V signal from the GoPro to the 3.5mm output port on the handle. This can be used to feed a signal to an external field monitor.
  • 4. The GP-Pro also has upgraded position encoders and motors.
+How long does the battery last on GP & GP-PRO?

Both the GP and GP-PRO share the same type of battery - 2 - 18650 Li-Ions with 2000mAh of capacity. Both models will run for about 4.5-5 hours before needing to be recharged. Supplementing power to your GoPro via charging cable will reduce the total run times down to 1.5 to 2.5 hours, depending on the overall health of your GoPro's battery.

+How Do I Downgrade My GoPro Hero5 Black Firmware?

Please see our tutorial on how to downgrade your Hero5's firmware here:

How to downgrade your cameras firmware