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EVO Gimbals Rewards

2 ProPoints for every $1 Spent

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How It Works

1. Enroll

Click on the blue "EVO Rewards" button in the bottom left corner to create your EVO Customer Account. If you already have an EVO account, simply log in. Everyone that signs up or has been a registered EVO customer instantly receives 200 ProPoints.

2. View points

After your account has been created, clicking on the EVO Rewards button again will show your current ProPoints balance. You must be logged into the site to see your total ProPoints.

3. Earn ProPoints

Earning ProPoints is easy. First, to get an extra 250, simply follow and/or share EVO's Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account. Each share and follow awards you with 50 ProPoints. Then, every purchase you make turns into ProPoints.

About EVO Rewards

Use ProPoints towards your next purchase any time. ProPoints do not expire!

Instantly receive 200 'bonus' ProPoints for creating an account.

Earn up to 250 additional ProPoints by following and/or sharing our Facebook, Instagram & Twitter page.

To redeem your ProPoints simply choose your reward in the form of a discount or select item.

Frequently Asked Questions

ProPoints can be used towards items purchased on our website.  Your rewards account will be credited once your original order is marked with a status of "Shipped".  Your current ProPoints balance can be found in by clicking the blue "Rewards" button on the bottom left of website. 

No ProPoints do not expire. Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to modify the program at any time.

If you elect to return an item from which you earned ProPoints, the amount of ProPoints earned from the returned item will be deducted from your balance once we process your return.  If ProPoints have already been used we will deduct the equivalent amount from the total credited to your original payment method. reserves the right to change or end the ProPoints rewards program at any time. Any ProPoints earned prior to termination of this program will be honored according to the terms and conditions of the program.

ProPoints are worth current 2 ProPoints to $1 USD exchange rate to the US Dollar as shown - but have absolutely no cash value beyond

ProPoints can only be redeemed toward the purchase price of another EVO Gimbals order, and can never be exchanged for cash or credit back to a credit card. ProPoints are non-transferrable and expires after 12 months. Shipping charges and taxes do not count toward order totals used to calculate ProPoints earnings, and conversely, redeemed ProPoints does not detract from your eligible earnings total.

You must be logged into your EVOGimbals customer account to access and redeem your existing ProPoints balance as well as to earn new ProPoints.

Currently ALL brands advertised on qualify for ProPoints earning and redemption. This is subject to change from time to time as some brands do not allow discount mechanisms in their dealer agreements.