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This Company is all about excellent products and excellent service. You can not find a better place.

evo shift

"a good gimbal quality ans easy to operate .My fam love it.

Perfect !

Love my EVO Gimbal. It’s been all over the world with me. The bonus is that the customer service is Excellent !


So I haven't had any issues. I have used it 1 time (not enough) but I find it very easy to operate. I like the fact that there is NOT a ton of buttons that I can accidentally hit.

My only gripe (which has nothing to do with the Evo) is that my Hero 7 picks up the gimbal motors and the audio is none existent. I've found a temporary solution by placing a spacer between the motor and my GP. I actually used the foam from the gimbal box to create my spacer.
I did notice that they're was a circular medal object that came with the EVO but that had no explanation on what it was. I assume it's a counter balance that you stick to one of the motors? Any-who, I look forward to shredding with this thing!

EVO 25mm 3K Carbon Fiber Extension Pole Set

I've only had this gimbal for a few days, but from what I've seen, it's pretty good. Will have to practice.

I have not received it yet.

EVO Pro mount

Great high quality product for the price. Very useful.

The EVO Gimbal is first rate!

Very impressive right out of the box. The quality and function of the EVO Gimbal cannot be overstated. I get excited just thinking about all the creative ways I can use this in my videos.

Route Shipping Insurance

EVO Gimbal

It does the job perfectly.

Work great

Great gimbal too



Looks good

I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, but I expect it will perform nicely

Best gimbal out there

Great product. I've had other gimbals. This tops the list. Game changer.

Great construction

Unfortunately I have not gotten to use this item as of writing, but I will say just from handling that the construction and quality of this item are top notch, I will certainly return to Evo if I'm ever looking for a gimble.

¼-20 Camera Mount Adapter for GoPro Ecosystem

Performed Well

The gimbal performed very well. I needed some help with setting (I use it for mt. biking), so i called EVO and they helped me figure out how I needed to set it up. It is great to be able to call the company and get help right away.

Beautiful Gimbal That Gives You Control

I have been using this gimbal with my Sony RX100V and my Panasonic ZS100. It’s smooth like silk. I love it. I also use it with the carbon fiber extension rods. Makes for some real creative filming techniques. Great job EVO Gimbals. Thank you.


The rage3 is awesome! Works great and easy. I haven’t gone through all the setting yet but I will. I don’t know if it comes with a instruction manual or not but if it does I haven’t opened it yet. To balance the gimbal I watch the YouTube video on EVO’s channel and had it running in just a few minutes. I will be using this gimbal for professional film work and I think it will be great!
This is my second eco gimbal I also have the GP-PRO which I beat the crap out of but it still works flawless. When I say I beat the crap out of it I let kids play with it, I throw it in a back pack and pull it out while in the mountains. I have also had bull fighters at a rodeo is it while fighting bulls!
Awesome product!
Nick Duncombe

Order from EVO

Placed an order for for tripod and gopro attachment. Received my order a lot sooner then expected, products are very good quality, I defenetly would recomend it to others.

So far so good

It’s definitely a piece of gear that requires some practice but I’m getting the hang of it and it is magical.

Spare part

Fast quick reliable service for a part we needed for our Gen 2 gimbal.

all good...big step up from hand held video!

have used the gimbal a number of times and it works well...