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Awesome batteries!

First ones didn’t work right, but then the second ones did. I love the customer service. She was friendly and helpful. I would love to shop with them again.

I have received the item

Dear sirs.
I am satisfied with a very quick response.
Item was usable without problem.
Data communication was faster than wifi connection.

Super smooth footage!

The EVO SS has some really impressive technology packed into a small space!
The EVO is easy to set up and use. Footage from the bike trail that was very shaky is now super smooth. If you are looking to make smooth footage while moving, this gimbal will work wonders. The cost is really competitive as well. I highly recommend it 👍


We are using this monitor on a digitizing rig for a museum. Paired with a Sony A7R III, this monitor allows several people to view and discuss work. Its price, quality and set of functions is what we needed. The professionalism of EVO Gimbals is always reliable and prompt.

Great so far...

I’ve only gotten to play with the gamble a couple times but so far it’s been great. Pretty simple to use. Very smooth. I took it on the mountain to film my kids ski. The results were great.

Evo Kenevil

The first impression i got was the Evo Pro was a robust machine. A little more practice and exposure to the controls and the Evo Pro turns your simple videos into cinematic memories youll cherish for life. Thank you Evo

Thanks for the great product and service!!!


On tine delivery

I highly recommend evo gimbals and their services

EVO SHIFT (Open Box)


It’s a christmas gift so we haven’t unwrapped it yet 😁


Great hat! I also love my 2 gimbals as well! Gp pro and smartphone pro, they are great! I am the unofficial spokesperson for EVO because I am always asked what equipment I am using. Thanks for your fantastic products!

Love it!

High quality gimble that’s easy to use, and compatible with most phones at a relatively low price.


Noemi with customer service was great. It gives me confidence to do business with them again. I had a camera that didn't work to my satisfaction, and she got it replaced for me - no questions asked. The replacement works okay - better than the first one by a long shot. I'm still evaluating...

Thx for discount

The drop in price was a huge reason I bought the Shift. It worked right out of the box with apple iPhone XR. The EVO app paired with the Shift and works seamlessly with the device. For a low price 3 axis gimbal the EVO Shift is a great device / gift.

EVO IMR 26500 Li-Ion Battery

worked good

Customer Support/Service

I purchased an EVO Gimbal Swift from Amazon. When I received it, it did not work. After speaking with customer service, they swapped it out with a new one. Great experience and a great product.

EVO SS Pro Bundle

I have now bought the Rage3, SS and the GP pro! These are the best most versatile gimbals on the market. from action cameras to full and mirrorless cameras I will always recommend and buy EVO gimbals.

I don’t know what a wrong with me or with it

It’s one week I wasn’t able yet to use this thing
I watched review I follow instruction

A piece it technology like that should not give you this headache
I hope it’s only me but it’s not intuitive at all

The phone never stay straight I can’t record video I bought this tool for my trip to Thailand I haven’t been able to make a video already And it gave me only stress

So I gave up on it

Still I hope it’s me and my wife but also other people close to me read the instruction and try to make it work and nobody was able to do anything
So the amount of people unable to make it work are growing

Wow just Wow

So different than any other camera I’ve owned. Editing is very different then other camera apps I use. Learning curve to edit is not hard but will take a little to get used to. Amazed at how many ways you can render a file off one video segment. If I was asked how I like this 360 camera I’d say ask me a year from now because I’m not done learning all it can do yet. Only dislike I have is battery time but I feel the same for my GoPro. Not a professional photographer just a person who likes to take pics and videos so I never have a planned shoot but one video can be seen in so many different angles. Glad I purchased.

EVO 18650MP Li-Ion Batteries 3 Pack

Shipped fast and we got them the day of filming. These batteries seem to keep a longer charger than my original batteries that came with my Evo Gimbal.

Amazing for sure

Blown away at the power of this tiny light! With the softbox it’s actually a really nice and soft light, in such a small size. I use it on my EVO carbon rod a ton

Not yet arrived

It is fairly challenging to review your product when it still hasn't arrived. I could however review the postal system.
Fingers crossed it will arrive soon.

One Amazing Camera with few options

This camera is small, lightweight, thin, and works!Pro's:Amazing 360 in-camera stitching, Unbelievable gyroscopic stabilization, disappears camera/mount (and OEM selfie stick) in videos & photos, Great compression (file-size), easy menus, decent accessory selection (OEM and aftermarket).Amazing firmware and software (minus importing), Great value for price (I still cant believe it does all it does), up to 256GB card capabilityCon's:Lenses likely easily damaged, and I've heard $100/1 or $175/2 to replace, few good mounting options, cocaine fingernail or tool required for card removal, card location poorly thought out, battery (oem battery gets you about 45min max), expensive oem accessories, few options for photo and video, which is a plus for most folks, difficult to import footage via wifi,wireless connection is a pain in the arse, bluetooth is for what?, poor manual/instructions, website software download unreliable.I know it sounds like more Cons than Pros, but the pros still far outweigh the cons.Puts GoPro to shame (they're rich now, and greedy like the rich are).I think for an early product, the development/refinement is commendable.I think for 2020, my skydiving business will be using these exclusively over the dual go-pro have used over the last 4 years.Gotta buy 10-15 more of these now.

Excellent service

The EVO gimbal batteries and charger work great. Work perfectly and excellent service.

Captures everything

Picture quality and 360 experience