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EVO Gimbals APP

Compatible with all EVO Gimbals stabilizers except EVO PRO

EVO Gimbals APP for iPhone *

EVO Gimbals APP for Android *

ZY Play

Compatible with all EVO Gimbals stabilizers.

(recommended for smartphone users)

ZY Play for iPhone

ZY Play for Android

FilMic pro

Compatible with EVO PRO

(recommended for advance smartphone users)

FilMiC Pro for iPhone

FilMiC Pro for Android **

EVO Gimbals

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IMPORTANT: Please note that both the EVO SHIFT and EVO PRO smartphone gimbals are capable of being used stand alone without the use of a companion APP.

For those that just want basic stabilization for their smartphone without linked handle controls or advanced functions you have the option of using ANY camera APP of your choice with the EVO PRO or EVO SHIFT. It is not required to have your phone connected to your gimbal or use a specific APP in order to use your new gimbal.  

Our team highly recommends customers invest in FiLMiC PRO for their mobile film making needs. FiLMiC PRO is free to use, but does have a $14.99 subscription that is well worth the price for the tools and features that are available. 

For all EVO Gimbals models please use ZY Play for 6 Sided IMU Calibrations. Details on calibration instructions can be found in our Help Center.

* We highly recommend EVO PRO or EVO Shift owners use ZY Play or FilMiC Pro for the best smartphone filming experience.

** Please note that full features on the FilMic PRO & ZY Play APP may be limited with some newer model Android phones like the Galaxy S9/S10 due to manufacturer limitation of 3rd party APP integrations with their new camera hardware. Our EVO Gimbals remote APP will work with iPhone models up to iPhone X and Android models up to Samsung S8 - however it should be noted that the EVO APP is out of date and that access to updated features and functions are now offered under the ZY Play app.