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About Us

We’re living in a golden age of storytelling. Thanks to DSLR cameras, GoPros and Smartphones, almost every single person on the planet now has access to technology enabling them to share their stories with the world.

As self-professed film geeks, there’s nothing more electrifying than the thought of the stories 6 billion creators can tell. But when it comes to shooting video, shakiness can get in the way of the story you want to tell. That’s where we come in. At EVO Gimbals we’ve created a full line of ultra reliable gimbals and accessories with one mission in mind: to help you capture the most dynamic shots possible so you can share amazing stories and of course -- Keep It Smooth.

Our team’s passion for smooth video goes beyond just putting another product in your hands - it is a belief we all share that we can make a difference, earn your trust and earn you as a life-long customer.

As one of the first American gimbal brands, we’re all about service. Located in the mountain playground of Bend, Oregon, our friendly staff is here to answer questions, provide support and take care of anything you need.

And because we love to talk shop, we share our knowledge and our passion with our community so you can take your shots and your stories to the next level.

Give us a call, shoot us an email, hit us up on Twitter - we're here for you.

Everyone has a story to tell.

Let’s tell them better...

Peter Coughlin

CEO & Co-Founder

With an extensive background in engineering and computer science Peter knows more than he likes to admit. Peter is co-owner and founder of EVO Gimbals.

Hans Skjersaa

CFO & Co-Founder

His childhood was typical. Summers in Rangoon and luge lessons. In the spring he'd make meat helmets. As co-owner of EVO Gimbals, he's now in charge of green dough.

Flora Skjersaa

Director of International Trade

Flora is Han's boss and is the real deal when it comes to negotiations and overseas business development.

Jay Papke

Art Director

With 30 years in the creative world, co-director of famous music videos along with award winning graphic and web design, Jay makes us look gooooood.


Director of Business Development

Kidnapped from GoPro head quarters, Jaymo now works in our secret lab behind locked doors - we feed him old GoPros with a side of Karma propellers.

JP Schlick

Senior Editor

Curious where all those epic product videos and cool edits come from? This guy right here. He's a really good snowboarder too.

Noemi Sanchez

Customer Support Manager

Want to know who makes our customers glow just like this photo? This gal right here. Any sales or tech question Noemi has your back.

Landon Hawkins

Shipping & Receiving + Social

Our warehouse is super clean and organized just like his instagram account (@landonhawkins). Ordered from our website? We'll now you know where those extra stickers came from. 

Alana Borden

Customer Support & Repairs

Need a repair done or setup recommendation? Alana is the go to! She knows our products inside and out and handles any technical problem with expertise. 

Taeo & Zitta

Junior Patrolman & Senior Security Manager

Perimeter checks every 20mins, pass the smell test at the door - do not worry their bark is a friendly bark :)



Have a ball? Well you now have a new friend. Scratch his back and he'll ask for more! No joke!