Introducing EVO SHIFT - Say Goodbye To Shaky Video


It’s a big day. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and you’ve just finished taking the training wheels off your kid’s bike. Today’s the day that, with helmet buckled and handlebars wobbling, your little one will take off, now a member of a forever club of bike riders.

Guess it’s time to add another shaky, jouncing video to social media to commemorate this moment. Or is it? What if, instead of the typical bouncy video taken one-handed while you simultaneously try to hold onto a seat post, cheer her on, keep her in the viewfinder and run alongside, you post a smooth video- with your newly minted cyclist centered in the frame- that you took while looking straight at the glee on her face?

With the new EVO Shift Smartphone Gimbal, you can.

EVO Shift Smartphone Gimbal

Once you’ve clicked it in place, the EVO Shift transforms your very own smartphone into a Hollywood-worthy movie camera. Wonder how they get those amazing shots in the movies? Dollies, cranes and multi-million dollar budgets. Replicate that quality with our accessible technology capable of so much more than you ever thought you’d hold in your hand. Instead of an unstable grip on the edges of your phone, you securely hold a handle while your phone floats in the gyroscopic mount, creating silky smooth footage.

Instead of awkwardly holding a phone in front of your face, between you and the actual events of your life important enough capture, you’re able to clearly see everything you’re filming while you capture them. Is that your soccer player, your ballerina, your Frisbee dog? Once you’ve identified your primary object, the EVO Shift locks on and keeps your subject the star of your movie.

After you’ve completed the simple install of the app and mounted your smartphone, the EVO Shift gimbal takes every capability of your phone and magnifies it, elevates it. Want to zoom in or out on the action? Don’t touch your phone, simply use the toggle on the handle to change the zoom. You can use the same toggle control to pan or to tilt, meaning your videos just got more interesting, more pro and more fun to watch. Your baby loves to play with bubbles, and you’ve got a couple cute videos of him. What if you can follow the bubbles as they move around him? Zoom in on him through a bubble? Pan across his face and tilt as the bubbles float away?

You’ve had fun with slow-mo on your phone. Ready to up your game? Teamed with the Shift, your phone can now take time-lapse photos. Don’t just catch your buddy hitting a jump on the trail, catch the flowers as they open and close, the sun rising, the moon setting.

You’re on vacation in the Rockies and the lighting is amazing. Wouldn’t it be great if you could take a legitimate panoramic photo to take home? You’re right, it would be pretty great, and now you can. With the EVO SHIFT’s intelligent control features, you can capture 180 and 320-degree photos. You get yourself to the top of the mountain, the EVO SHIFT iPhone Gimbal will make sure your friends see the eye-popping evidence.

We’ll even let you turn your smartphone into an advanced, SLR-style camera. With the SHIFT app, you can control ISO, shutter speed, focus, and exposure, so your smartphone camera is unlocked and transformed into a pro-level piece of equipment that still fits in your pocket (and still takes your calls).

You’re going to take videos. Why not capture them in a style that makes you feel like you’re there again? With the EVO SHIFT, be in the moment while you capture it.

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