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The warranty repair on my GP-Pro was perfect. Turnaround time was super fast. I think it was physically AT EVO gimbals for the repair for maybe 4-5 days and that included a weekend. The only minor complaint I have is that they shipped it back to me via usps first class which in this area takes unusually long. It went from Bend to Portland to Seattle and then to me in eastern WA. Took like four days. In contrast I shipped it TO EVO via fedex ground and it was literally an overnight delivery! Also they neglected to replace the GoPro lens “protection pad” that was on the gimbal but no biggie. The gimbal works perfectly now. No more issues at all (apparently they replaced the three motors). Like brand new!

The best

If you want quality products, you NEED to choose Evo Gimbals

New equipment

Great product. I’m able to connect my new monitor to my camera.

Pole camera accessories

I purchased a painter pole mount and cell phone mount for my pole set up to run a wifi camera for building inspections. The 2 items were very well machined and clearly intended for professional and the rigors of daily use. The quality exceeded my expectations and I was very pleased to purchased from an Oregon company founded by industry professionals. Very happy and will shop EvoGimbals first for all my needs. Cheers

Session adap.

Fits fine, happy with it.

EVO GS flex tripod

Excellent product, the quality of this mini tripod is top notch. Compared to other mini tripods , this is very well built for the price. I use it for my H5 recorder , without a problem. The quality of the 360 deg steel ball alone is worth the price. I hesitated to write a good review for fear they will raise price on it , but I definitely recommend this product.

Versatile little tripod

This works well using an assortment of small cameras with (or without) the EVO SS Wearable Gimbal.



Route Shipping Insurance

Route Shipping Insurance

Very good performance, quality products .

I don't really know what to say but I am really happy with the Evo SS and these services you (evo team) offer.

No detail too small

EVO Gimbals is always my recommendation. I have tried many gimbals from when they first appeared and EVO has gained the top spot in my book. As an example even the very small inexpensive accessories are treated with the same care as the large items. EVO Gimbals is without hesitation one of my staple, stable suppliers.

Christmas Gift

Great gift, wife loves it.

It’s early but it looks like a winner.

Ok it’s really early in my experience with this product but I’m eager to leave a review so here goes... First of all I spent a lot of time deciding between this and the cheaper but identical Zhiyun Smooth 4. I chose this because I’m beginning to really like EVO Gimbals (as a company) and I wanted to give them my business again. The best thing about this gimbal (IMO) is the support it offers in Filmic Pro. I honestly haven’t even played around with the ZY Play app, and the EVO app actually will not even connect to this product (lolz)! But this gimbal is more of a professional tool (hence the name “PRO”) and it really deserves to be used in filmic pro. I actually briefly considered an Osmo Mobile 2 as well. I may give one a try, but for now, this thing is really impressing me. The focus/zoom wheel is great and I don’t even miss not having a “joystick”. Honestly that’s not a necessary option on a gimbal like this. The “trigger” buttons are fine and perhaps a more intuitive way of controlling the follow modes. My only disappointment with this is that it doesn’t really balance a heavy phone very well. I use an iPhone 8 Plus and this thing will not balance the naked phone (no case). Possibly because I’m using a tempered glass screen protector but the issue is the adjustment arm. There just isn’t enough adjustment to get a good balance with a larger/heavier phone. I’m going to try out some counterweights and see how that helps. The motors seem strong enough, and it holds the phone up fine, I’d just like it to BALANCE when powered off (much better for the motors when it’s running). Also it would be great to be able to add on a moment or moondog lens and not worry about overpowering the gimbal motors. For comparison I have a MOZA Mini Mi and it handles the iPhone 8 Plus no problem even WITH a phone case and has balance to spare! I just happen to like the features of this gimbal much more. It really is a good product. I’d just like to see EVO be able to improve on it a...

Light and functional

Looked at the ability to wear when riding and totally bought into the concept. Check this Gimbal out!

Replaced 2 gimbal motors

Great customer service, and prompt response. I look forward to purchasing a rage gen 3 over the weekend


Batteries you need more, get these: Buy them with your money....

Lilliput Monitor

Wish I could tell you how it’s working unfortunately it didn’t come either a HDMI to micro HDMI so I haven’t been able to use it. Once I get a cable I’ll let you know.

Excellent purchase

If you want a great gimbal for an even greater price, this one is for you. Easy to work, well made and just what you need to shoot great video. No need to spend any more money on a fancier model, this one does it all!

Great product

Definitely buying other products from EVO

EVO SS Pro Bundle

Christmas Gift

Great product. Wife loves it and great to use for working in confined spaces and hard to see areas.

Great Quality & Easy to Use

The Evo GP-PRO Gimbal is a very easy to use tool that goes together well with GoPro cameras. I love the gimbal as it makes the footage taken by the GoPro so smooth and seamless. I highly recommend this bundle for anyone looking to get very smooth moving shots using their GoPro!!

Thank you..!!

I just use on a wedding this past weekend, the gimball works great, thank you..,