Types Of Gimbals

Stabilizing the GoPro is best accomplished with a 3 axis type of gimbal. Rather than a 2 axis gimbal, which only stabilizes the horizon and tilt of the camera, a 3 axis gimbal adds panning stability (yaw) which significantly improves the left to right frame motion giving your footage a more "cinematic" shooting style. The addition of the panning stabilization also helps tone down the "rolling shutter" effect that the GoPro tends to have and will help eliminate harsh left to right jarring while filming.

Handheld gimbals are by far the most popular form factor of a Action Camera gimbal. The single handle and small size allows for one handed operation and allows you to film from tighter angles. For skilled shooters looking for dynamic action shots you can use the gimbal while riding a bicycle, skateboard or even rollerblades to capture some really great footage.

The stabilization technology for these larger gimbals have evolved immensely in the last couple years from single IMU sensor based stabilization to a combination of blended position encoders, multiple IMU sensors and even the addition of GPS stabilization. 

Soon there will be many more options coming to market for the DSLR market. Depending on your application and intended use you are going to see more versatility come from these types of gimbals including the ability to interchange the gimbal between multiple platforms such as boom "jib" cranes, cables cams and even small to large drones. 

Smartphone gimbals are great for adding that 'cinematic' like effect to your smartphone video footage. Easy to use and very portable, these types of gimbals are great for not only families but also professionals on the go. These are great for shooting basic video such as realestate walk throughs or any type of venue tour. 

Have a family member that is a cell phone video buff but can't keep the camera still for the life of them? Well a Smartphone gimbal is the perfect solution for them and also makes a great gift. Aspiring film makers can truly create remarkable shots with these gimbals.