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    Our line of mini tripod stands are designed specifically to work with your EVO gimbal. We have 2 versions of EVO mini tripods, the GS-75 and the GS-150. Both stands come with a removable ball head swivel adapter which allows you to adjust the stand angle when you set your gimbal down on an uneven surface. The larger GS-150 is specifically designed to work with the Rage or Rage-S gimbal and is ideal because it has a larger diameter cork base providing a more solid base support for the larger diameter handle of the Rage series gimbals. The GS-75 is our smaller diameter tripod and is the perfect solution for those using our handheld action camera gimbals such as the Shift, the GP-PRO or SS wearable gimbal. These high quality stands double as a perfect solution for using them stand alone with your mirrorless or larger DSLR camera.
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