3 Ways To Make Money With A 3 Axis Gimbal

You see, you can't be just like everybody else. You have to craft your art of storytelling, pushing the limits, getting up early, staying up late, with lots of frustration along the way in learning new editing techniques, angles, camera settings, gear, etc. But let us tell you something, those sleepless nights pay off, as you start taking payment in the form of lunch burritos, gas money, then work your way up to hourly, half and full day rates. Land a gig with reality tv or cable production networks and you'll soon be getting paid to travel the world, all expenses covered, making $300-$1500 plus per day doing what you enjoy.

You are an artist. In the beginning, you will be a starving artist. You have to build your portfolio, and once you do, be sure to charge appropriately for it. Using a handheld 3-axis gimbal for super smooth footage is one sure fire way to put you ahead of the competition and help you stand out.

You have to let people know what you are doing and start sharing it with the world. Post your vids on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and such. Share with everybody you know and guess what, somebody in your circle of influence is going to love your style and hit you up for some work. Trust us; it's how we all got our start, and DevinSuperTramp is a perfect example of this. He started making videos back in college, posting them on YouTube of family outings, and get-togethers with his friends. Gimbals were not a thing 7-years ago when Devin started, but had they been, pretty sure he would have started with an EVO Rage Gimbal rather than his handheld glidecam back in the day. But notice one thing, it was smooth footage that set him apart as he found his style, the rest is now history.

Check out Devin's first viral and notice how smooth footage made all the difference. 

Now let's dive into three ways you can make money with a GoPro, Smartphone or DSLR Stabilizer.


It's a love-hate relationship when shooting weddings. The pressure is on you as a videographer to capture as many one take, run-n-gun, shots as you can, then produce a masterpiece the bride will love to share and treasure until the end of time.

With such intense pressure to not mess up the shots, the money is incredible as we have one buddy who's hit the pinnacle of high-end wedding videography. Ryan started shootings weddings for free to get his name out there, posted a few of his wedding videos on blogs, the right set of eyes saw his work, and now he travels the world, shooting high-end weddings, making tens of thousands per wedding event, plus all expense paid. Over the years, sliders, glidecams, DSLR gimbals, and aerial drones were added to Ryan's bag of tricks. If you want to model what's working in way of a great wedding video format, check out a few of Ryan's wedding videos at; http://ryansouthwellfilms.com/weddings/

So how does one get started in the wedding business? You've got parents, teachers, friends, craigslist, facebook, etc. Start asking around if anybody knows of a wedding coming up and offer to shoot it for free. There will be a good 50-100 plus people there and an excellent chance that one of them will be getting married soon as well. They'll see your work and will start seeking you out. Pretty much guarantee that if you shoot 2-3 weddings for free out of the gate, you'll be sitting pretty enough that you'll have a full dance card in no time at all. Of course, don't forget to pick up an EVO Rage Gen2 DSLR gimbal for your next video shoot.

Stock Video

Some of you may be introverts, don't like dealing with people, or just want to get out and shoot something on your own time. Well, you're in luck for there's a huge market available for shooting royalty-free stock video footage. Whatever you are interested in shooting, you can rest assured others are looking for that perfect footage.

You can open a free account at sites like StoryBlocks who pays you 100% commission on any of your work that sells. The good news is that you don't have to have your own website, pay for marketing, hosting, etc. We've got a few clips of our own on there, and it's nice getting random emails notifying us we've made a few hundred dollars here and there each month. We personally never took it to serious, but others do and earn an excellent passive income shooting stock footage.

Video Blocks (now StoryBlocks) sponsored Sam and Niko to provide additional information for you to learn more about selling your stock footage. Find your niche, get out there, use your gimbal, shoot amazing footage, upload to StoryBlocks and start making money.

Real Estate

Real estate videos are often overlooked as an option to make a side income. Here's a word of caution, you have to know which realtors to target as clients.

First, if you don't know the real estate business, realtors work on commission. This means they only get paid if the house sells. They also pay for all advertising out of their own pockets in hopes of selling the home. We mention all of this so that you have a good understanding that working with cheap realtors means they are only selling affordable homes, homes under one million. Find Realtors in your area who specialize in ranches, farms and million dollar plus listings. Again, you may have to shoot a few for free in the beginning to build your portfolio, but there's been plenty of real estate gigs we've personally shot for over the years paying for our gear many times over.

Be sure to check out Parker Walbeck's, How to Shoot Real Estate Videos tutorial on YouTube.

So what have you noticed in the 3 Ways to Make Money we've mentioned today? If you picked up that in every one of our examples, the smooth footage is where it's at. So if you are shooting with a DSLR, be sure to pick up the EVO Rage Gen2 DSLR gimbal. The EVO SP-Pro Gen2 is perfect for shooting videos with your smartphone and/or use it as a GoPro Gimbal as well.

Now Go Shoot Something Incredible!

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