• "Five Stars"

    "...Awesome gimbal... get stable, impossible movements with this. Very easy to use and inconspicuous when traveling..."

    - Eric H.
  • i am a believer now

    "I rarely used my gopro due to poor video quality (camera shake). My Sony camera has much better video stabilization creating a usable HD video. The EVO was a game changer for me. I used evo+gopro solely on my vacation to Iran and was shocked at the footage when I returned home and played it back on my TV. Looks like my vacation footage was 'produced'. Smooth pans and stable walking video. Very nice. Thank you EVO."

    - Justin W.
  • Amazing Product!

    "...Awesome product! Really clean make and the content it provides is so smooth, love it!.."

    - Billie
  • This is the gimbal you are looking for! Rock-solid stabilizer. A+

    "I operated a Steadicam (since around 1991). You can achieve fantastically stable and smooth results with a Steadicam after at least several months of practice. Or... with this magic device, basically right out of the package!"

    - David Andora
  • great service! I'm glad I picked this company

    "Out of the box, the GoPro 5 does not fit on the mount that I had. I contacted EVO (which has customer support in Oregon). Customer service responded in less than 24 hours to send me a custom made bracket that would fit my device and my camera. Woah, great service! I'm glad I picked this company to support with my money. I had the pleasure of fast response and problem solving post-purchase."

    - The Saddest Panda

    "This is absolutely awesome... I got it specifically for my vacation and was well pleased. It's pretty light weight and is quiet with no audio interference. Battery life was phenomenal, I charged it once on the 3rd day of my 5 day vacation and used it continually for about 3 hours everyday."

    - Marvin
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