Video Resolution
Standard: 2720x2720@25fps(Captured)/1080@25fps (Exported via app)
Interval Shooting: 2720x2720@25fps(In Camera)/1080@25fps (Exported via app)
Static Timelapse: 3040x3040@30fps(Captured)/1080@30fps (Exported via app)
Hyperlapse: 2720x2720@30fps(Captured)/1080@30fps (Exported via app)
Slow Motion: 1600x900@100fps (Captured) /1600x900@25fps (Exported via app)

Video Duration
Standard: 15, 30, 60 seconds. Run time of 60 minutes (with Charge Case)
Interval Shooting,
Slow Motion: 15 or 30 seconds

Hyperlapse: Adjustable interval, record up to 30 minutes to produce a 5-minute video
Static Timelapse: Adjustable interval, record up to 8 hours to produce 9 second video (24 hours option is coming soon)
Interval Shooting: Adjustable interval, record up to 7 days

Photo Resolution
3040x3040 (Captured)
1:1 Exported at 2560x2560
16:9 Exported at 2560x1440
9:16 Exported at 1440x2560

Video Format
insv (In camera) / mp4 (Exported via app)

Photo Format
insp (In camera) / jpg (Exported via app)

Video Bitrate
40Mbps (In camera)

Video Export Bitrate
30Mbps (Exported via app)

FlowState (Built-in 6-axis gyroscopic stabilization)

Photo Modes:

Video Modes:
Standard, Interval Shooting, Static Timelapse, Hyperlapse, Slow Motion




Micro-USB for Android device / PC / Mac
Lightning For iPhone / iPad

Onboard Storage:
When connected to phone, GO content will be auto-transferred. GO's onboard storage is 8 GB, which can be used to store about 100 15-second video clips between each transfer.

Charging Method:
GO charges in the included Charge Case.

Charging Time:
Insta360 GO: approx. 20min
Charge Case: approx. 90min

Run Time:
60 minutes of run time for standard video (GO + Charge Case). Equivalent to 200 clips a day, averaging 18 seconds a clip.

Use Environment:
Use temperature: 0℃~50℃
Storage temperature: -10℃~45℃
When GO's heat reaches its limit, the indicator will flash yellow and GO will vibrate to let you know.

Insta360 GO: 18.3g
Charge Case: 43.3g

Insta360 GO: 49.4x21.4x14.85 mm
Charge Case: 50.46x59.76x25.5 mm

Color: White

Aperture: F2.1