Compatible Devices & Applications

As a technology company dedicated to developing global panoramic imaging technology and building open ecology and convenient product experience, Insta360 provides abundant software for users and panoramic enthusiasts of Pro series cameras. From controlling operations, stitching, to viewing, regardless of mobile phone or computer, there is corresponding software for your choice. The following software is compatible with Pro / Pro 2 camera.


Insta360 Pro Camera control app  Download

The controlling app of professional panoramic camera, Insta360 Pro, helps you remotely control Pro/Pro 2 via WiFi connection to realize the shooting, recording and live streaming function of the camera. Moreover, you can adjust various parameters settings, calibrate stitching and check detailed information, etc. Real-time preview allows you to adjust to the shooting frame anytime, and help you get panoramic photos or videos in a professional and quick way.

Platform: Windows / Mac / iOS / Android


Insta360 Pro STITCHER  Download

Use Insta360 Stitcher to quickly and easily stitch camera footage taken by Insta360 Pro/Pro 2.

Platform: Windows / Mac

What computer configuration can run Stitcher's stitching function smoothly?

According to Stitcher's requirements for hardware coding and decoding ability, it is recommended to use computers meeting the standards below:

CPU: CPU for i7 6700K or higher performance

Memory: 8GB or larger

Graphics card: GTX980 or graphics card of higher performance such as NVIDIA graphics card

Hard disk: it is recommended to use a solid state drive

Operating system: it is recommended to use Windows 8, OSX 10.10 or higher system

For computers with configuration lower than the above standards, they can run the software but might encounter some problems. Try to use a computer that reaches the above standards.


Insta360 Pro 2 FIRMWARE  Download

The Insta360 Pro camera firmware ensures that the Insta360 Pro 2 runs efficiently. Please update to the latest version for the optimal experience.


Insta360 Moment CrystalView 11K Player  Download

Insta360 Moment supports the playback of all videos and photos from Insta360 apps and files in CrystalView format.

Platform: iOS / Android / Gear VR