Adventures With Purpose - cleaning Oregon's waterways one AR-15 at a time.

Happy Monday! We love sharing user generated content and this week we want to share a EVO Gimbals sponsored episode from our good friend and professional diver Mr. Leisek. His YouTube Channel Adventures with Purpose is quickly gaining popularity by making national headlines from his team's amazing under water finds. 

Here at EVO Gimbals were proud to sponsor content producers that are making a difference in our world and Jared and team certainly fit that bill. To date his team has taken underwater treasure hunting to a new level by removing 1000's of pounds of garbage, hundreds of smartphones, TV's, bicycles and much more from our local waterways.  

We were thrilled to be a part of this latest episode which aired this past weekend. In this latest episode Jared & team found 2 AR-15 rifles as well as 2 ATMs under  a bridge at our local Lake Billy Chinook. Police were called to collect the evidence and it was confirmed that both guns were stolen. 

If you have an amazing story you'd like us to share drop us a line! 

Happy Filming & Remember to Keep It Smooth!

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