EVO PRO for Smartphones
EVO PRO for Smartphones
EVO PRO for Smartphones
EVO PRO for Smartphones
EVO PRO for Smartphones
EVO PRO for Smartphones
EVO PRO for Smartphones
EVO PRO for Smartphones
EVO PRO for Smartphones
EVO PRO for Smartphones
EVO PRO for Smartphones
EVO PRO for Smartphones

EVO PRO for Smartphones

3 Axis Smartphone Stabilizer

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The EVO PRO puts the next level of smartphone stabilization technology right at your fingertips - adding seamless camera control and mode transitions through a completely redesigned user interface. Using the new integrated hot-keys on the handle you can now enjoy the freedom of controlling and accessing all aspects of your mobile phone’s camera and photos library while also giving your creative control of focus and zoom with the new built-in follow focus wheel.

Max payload: 220g

Max phone case depth: 10mm (with pads)

Important: Plus size smartphones or smartphones equipped with aftermarket Moment or Moondog external lens systems require additional counterweight. Be sure to properly balance roll axis of EVO Pro before use. Motors WILL turn off automatically (protection mode) if your gimbal is not properly balanced!

iPhone Compatibility: All iPhone SE, iPhone 6/6+, 7/7+, 8/8+ and X Models

Requires iOS 9.0 or later

Android Compatibility:
  • Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, S8*, S8+*, S9*, S9+*
  • Samsung NOTE7*
  • Google Pixel*
  • HUAWEI Mate S, 8 and 9
  • HUAWEI P9, P10 and P10 Plus
  • LG G5*

*Requires Android 5.0 or later. Please note that due to Android phone camera manufacturer variations & Android operating system compatibility that not all Android phones will have full features set in camera applications.

EVO Pro Smartphone Applications: The EVO PRO is capable of being used stand alone without the use of a special APP. For people that just want basic stabilization without the advanced functionality you can run ANY camera APP with the EVO PRO - The gimbal does NOT require the use of our recommended APPs in order to function (unlike DJI Osmo or other competitors).

We currently have 2 recommended APPs to use with the EVO PRO - FilMic PRO & ZY Play. Both APPs are compatible with iOS and Android devices, however it should be noted that full features on the FilMic PRO & ZY Play APP may be limited with some newer model Android phones like the Galaxy S9 due to manufacturer limitation of 3rd party APP integrations with their new camera hardware.

Customer Reviews

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I have not received it yet.

Evo Pro Down Uder

Purchased the Evo Pro direct from America. Arrived within four business days in Oz. Beautifully packaged and the Gimbal is all that I hoped it would be.

It’s early but it looks like a winner.

Ok it’s really early in my experience with this product but I’m eager to leave a review so here goes... First of all I spent a lot of time deciding between this and the cheaper but identical Zhiyun Smooth 4. I chose this because I’m beginning to really like EVO Gimbals (as a company) and I wanted to give them my business again. The best thing about this gimbal (IMO) is the support it offers in Filmic Pro. I honestly haven’t even played around with the ZY Play app, and the EVO app actually will not even connect to this product (lolz)! But this gimbal is more of a professional tool (hence the name “PRO”) and it really deserves to be used in filmic pro. I actually briefly considered an Osmo Mobile 2 as well. I may give one a try, but for now, this thing is really impressing me. The focus/zoom wheel is great and I don’t even miss not having a “joystick”. Honestly that’s not a necessary option on a gimbal like this. The “trigger” buttons are fine and perhaps a more intuitive way of controlling the follow modes. My only disappointment with this is that it doesn’t really balance a heavy phone very well. I use an iPhone 8 Plus and this thing will not balance the naked phone (no case). Possibly because I’m using a tempered glass screen protector but the issue is the adjustment arm. There just isn’t enough adjustment to get a good balance with a larger/heavier phone. I’m going to try out some counterweights and see how that helps. The motors seem strong enough, and it holds the phone up fine, I’d just like it to BALANCE when powered off (much better for the motors when it’s running). Also it would be great to be able to add on a moment or moondog lens and not worry about overpowering the gimbal motors. For comparison I have a MOZA Mini Mi and it handles the iPhone 8 Plus no problem even WITH a phone case and has balance to spare! I just happen to like the features of this gimbal much more. It really is a good product. I’d just like to see EVO be able to improve on it a...

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Overview & Compatibility


• For use with most Smartphones1
• FiLMiC Pro App Compatible2
• Focus & Zoom Control Wheel
• Follow & Sport Mode Buttons
• Up To 12 Hours Run Time3
• Integrated Through-Put Charging4
• Portrait or Landscape Shooting
• Built-in Smartphone Charging
• Point to Point Time-lapse Modes
• Supports most Action & 360 Cameras5
• Includes EVO case & Tripod Stand

Menu/ReturnButton Zoom/FocusHandwheel Zoom/FocusSwitch Button Parameter DisplayButton PhotoButton

Mobile Filming Controls

Seamless zoom and focus pulls are now possible using the new integrated focus/zoom wheel. Actively switch between focus/zoom, Display parameters or quickly take a photo with the outer controls without having to touch your phone’s screen.

Resolution Ratio/ Frame Rate Button Camera Switch Button Exposure Compensation Button Album Mode Button Confirm/LED Light Button

Integrated Camera & Library Control

Quickly accessing camera control settings or viewing your photo library has never been easier than a press of the button. The new integrated hot-keys and selection wheel on the EVO PRO lets you quickly adjust advance camera settings such as WB, ISO, SEC, EXP and allows you to quickly review photos and videos in your library.

Sport Mode Pan Follow Mode Lock Mode Follow Mode Seamless Mode Transitions

Seamless stabilization mode transitions can now be accomplished on the fly with the new built-in trigger buttons on the back side of the EVO PRO’s handle. Quickly enter full follow mode by holding down the bottom toggle for smooth up and down frame adjustments. Fast left & right pans can be triggered by pressing and holding the upper Sport Mode trigger.


the next level of smartphone stabilization technology

Unlock your smartphone’s camera and discover its true capabilities. Featuring a full integration with the FilMic Pro camera APP; the EVO PRO adds high performance stabilization and seamless APP control while taking advantage the same shooting modes found in high end prosumer cameras allowing you to manually adjust settings such as ISO, Shutter Speed, WB, Exposure and even Focus. Choose from a variety of video and photo modes right from within the APP.

Built in Through-Put Charging

Mobile film making is power intensive requiring heavy loads on your smartphone’s battery. The EVO PRO solves this problem by allowing you to charge your smartphone with the built in battery through a charge port on the mounting arm. Additional through-put power can be accomplished by connecting an external power bank through the USB-C charging port on the handle.4

Not Just For Smartphones

The EVO PRO can be adapted to work with most popular action cameras from GoPro, Garmin and more. Simply clamp the action camera in place where your phone would go or purchase our EVO Action Camera Adapter so you can see your GoPro’s screen.5

Capture Perfect Panorama Photos

The EVO PRO intelligent control features allow you to take perfect panorama photos with the press of a button. Capture 180° & 330° panoramas and even high resolution 3x3 photo spheres (9 images stitched together).

Object Tracking with Smart-Track Technology

Activate the object tracking feature to track a person or subject while on the move. Simply draw a box around your subject enabling tracking to automatically pan & tilt the camera keeping the selected subject in frame.7

In The Box



1 Please review the smartphone compatibility list. Plus size smartphones or smartphones equipped with aftermarket Moment or Moondog external lens systems require additional counterweight. Be sure to properly balance roll axis of EVO Pro before use. Motors WILL turn off automatically (protection mode) if your gimbal is not properly balanced!. For Android models some APP features are not available on certain smartphone models because of limited 3rd party developer access to camera hardware. Please carefully review the compatibility with your model smartphone before purchasing. The EVO PRO does not require a APP to take video. You can still use your native smartphone APP standalone and use the touch controls on your smartphone screen.
2 FiLMiC Pro Integration is now available on Android and iOS smartphones. FiLMiC Pro is offered from a 3rd party developer and offers a one time cost of $14.99.
3 Run times vary depending on configuration and proper balance. Supplementing power to your smartphone from the built-in battery pack will decrease overall run-times. Smartphone charging cables are sold separately.
4 Through-put charging requires separate USB power bank (sold separately).
5 Adapters for GoPro, similar action cameras & 360 cameras sold separately.
6 Extension poles sold separately.
7 Smart-Track feature requires good lighting and contrast on your subject for effective pixel recognition. Multiple subjects in the frame may effect tracking performance.